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Where to put the apostille on the birth certificate in Moscow, Russian Federation

Where to put the apostille on the birth certificate

In accordance with the legislation of our country, the rights to affix an apostille on documents are endowed with:

Ministry of Justice - for notarial documents;

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - regarding documents on military service;

Rosobrnadzor - on the documents on education and scientific degrees;

Rosarchiv - on archival documents;

Registry offices - on the documents issued by them.

What can be done in the CSRA, where this document was issued. In this case, the completion will be an open original certificate. Completion by a notary, notarization.

In order to avoid the need to issue certificates of expenditure and unnecessary documents, it is necessary that the law be presented certificates, the original or notarial copy, the completion of the apostille.

For the provision of services is charged a fee of 2 500 rubles.

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