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The best apostille services you can find in Washington DC.

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Every day there are more people who require apostille services since they need the majority of their documents to have validity and legality in other countries. Whatever the reason why you need to resort to the completion of these procedures, it is important that you inform about the companies that are designated to give the corresponding validity to other countries.

In Washington DC you can perform all paperwork related to the apostille through DC Mobile Notary, so if you are in the area, do not hesitate to hire these services for all your legal procedures.

Not every company can offer apostille services, this can only be done by officially designated institutions, so you should be careful at the time you make any request for an apostille.

What are the apostille services?

The apostille service is basically about placing a stamp in various or in a document to give the validity of the original document according to the official standard of the Apostille of The Hague, this would certify it at the international level; it gives the same legitimacy that the original document has to the copy of it.

This is a simple way to verify the authenticity of a document issued by another nation, to verify that it is valid and that it has complied with all the requirements demanded by the body designated by the state to carry out this procedure.

All documents that need to be used abroad must contain an apostille so that they can be considered authentic and legal.

What information does an apostille contain?

Although the processing of an apostille service may vary depending on the country that is issuing the document, it is important to consider that the apostille has a standard, which must include certain vital information that is mandatory.

An apostille contains the following information:

- The country that places the apostille.

- Information of the person who signs the apostille, including the position held by this person within the institution.

- Seal of the authority that issues the document and its physical location.

- Date on which the apostille is being issued.

- The number of the apostille, according to the registration in which it will be certified.

- Seal of the institution and authority that confirms the veracity of the document.

What kind of documents requires an apostille?

Not all documents that need to be filed abroad need to have their apostille stamp, so it is important to know what you need and what does not need to be apostilled, so as a reference, below we bring a list of those that require a stamp.

- Birth certificates.

- Power letters.

- School titles.

- University degrees.

- Marriage certificates.

- Certificates of adoption.

- Death certificates.

- Diplomas.

- Criminal record.

- Invoices.

- Scriptures.

- Letters of singleness.

- Wills.

And many other documents required according to the request of the country where you will carry this documentation.

What documents do not enter the list for apostille services?

Documents whose origin is signed by officials who occupy consular posts or are diplomatic officials. Also included in this group is any document that may be related to various commercial operations or also of a customs type.

Who requires these apostille services?

There are people who for various reasons have perhaps considered a change of residence to another country, by addressing it, through legal channels, it is important that the documents you transfer to this country have an international validity, and that can only be achieved by an apostille. So all those who wish that the copy of one of their documents have the same authenticity as the original should go to the entities authorized to perform these apostille services, only in this way the cop

State Department

y of their document will have legality in a nation that It is not yours.

Is there a standard institution that issues the apostille in all countries?

The apostille service has been in force since 1961 after the Hague Convention was put into effect for all the countries that participated, it is a method that completely standardized the legalization of certain documents issued from other countries.

At present, this convention is made up of more than 80 countries from all continents, who decided to be part of this standardization.

As we know legal systems in all countries are handled in different ways, this results in each of those more than 80 nations that have been part of this The Hague treaty, decide for themselves which will be the competent agencies responsible for the distribution of apostilles in all documents that require it, therefore it can not be confirmed that there is a single agency in each country to perform this type of procedure.

For example, the apostille service in most countries is done manually, that is, they go to the competent institutions and they attach to each of the documents you want to apostille, a sheet that contains the seal and all the information that grants its validity. On the other hand, in countries such as Spain, the apostille is obtained digitally, with a stamp and also a digital form that can be printed to be added to the copy you want to authenticate.

In some countries, this process is formalized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, while in the United States, the state authorities or the federal authorities are the only guarantors that users obtain the apostille of their documents.

Do apostille services have costs?

A large percentage of the countries that enter into this agreement indicates that these procedures will be subject to costs that the agency in charge will issue, so it is important that the necessary provisions are taken to make the apostille of the documents.

On the other hand, there are some countries, such as Guatemala, that do not request payment for the completion of the service.

Learn about the costs of apostille services from the comfort of your home with DC Mobile Notary, a company in Washington DC dedicated to simplifying the way you do your paperwork.

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