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Registration of power of attorney in the United States for use in Russia

Registration of power of attorney in the United States for use in Russia

If the power of attorney is drawn up in English, certified by an American notary, a certified translation into Russian is performed and an apostille is affixed, then this option is not applicable in the Russian Federation?

1. The applicant draws up a document (power of attorney, statement) according to his own model or on the model available on the website of the consulate, then turns to an American notary (including a Russian-speaking one) at the place of residence and certifies his signature on the document.

We recommend that the power of attorney drawn up by you be as close as possible to the form of the state sample posted on the website of the consulate.

If the document (power of attorney, statement) is written in English, it is necessary to make a literal translation into Russian in printed form.

2. Further, the certified document (power of attorney, statement) is legalized with the Secretary of your state by affixing an Apostille (APOSTILLE) (it can also be done by mail).

In this form, in accordance with the Hague Convention on International Legalization of 1961, the document is fully prepared for use in any country that participate in Hague convention, including Russia.

However, due to the fact that the US does not fully confirm the certain provisions of the signed Convention, the consulate can confirm the authenticity of the Apostille registration (the cost of the procedure for legalizing a document is $ 30 money-order for citizens of the Russian Federation). You can get this done at Russian consulate

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